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Learn what you need to master your SharePoint Services site


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–Don’t wait any longer to learn about this wonderful team collaboration environment known as Windows SharePoint Services 2003

See what you’ll learn:

Lesson One
1. Windows SharePoint Services Environment
2. The Menu Items
3. Site Settings – 1
4. Site Settings – 2
5. Create Site Users
6. Import Users from Outlook
7. Remove Users
8. Built-in Site Group Rights
9. Create Custom Site Groups
10. Change Users Site Group
11. Anonymous User Rights

Lesson Two
1. Change the Site Image to display your Logo
2. Create Announcements, Events, and Links
3. Work with Contacts: Create a contact, Import contacts from Outlook, Filter contacts
4. Work with Tasks: Create a task, Filter tasks, viewing tasks
5. Work with Issues: Create Issues web part, create an issue, edit issues to create history tracking, issue notification features
6. List Permissions for Users
7. List Permissions for Guests
8. Set up Content Approval for moderating Lists postings

Lesson Three
1. Document Library: Create Library, Add document, Upload
2. Document Library: Views, Edit file, Check-out/Check-in, Version history, Delete
3. Document Library: Version History
4. Document Library: Limitations, Metadata, Filter and Sort
5. Document Library: Security – Cancel Check-out
6. Picture Library: Create Library, Upload, Views, Slide Show
7. Picture Library: Explorer View
8. Picture Library: Alerts, Download, SendTo feature

Lesson Four
1. Discussions: Start discussion, New Discussion Board, Reply to discussion topic
2. Discussions: Views, item options, Alerts, Remove discussion board
3. Surveys: Create survey, respond to survey, modify survey, permission considerations
4. Add Web Parts to a page, modify shared page menu
5. Close a Web Part, add a custom web part, modify Web Part views
6. Create custom Web Part: wrong way and right way
7. Modify Web Part layout, Design this Page, Close Web Parts, Uncheck Design mode, Delete Web Part
8. Using the SharePoint Services Search feature

Lesson Five
1. Subsites: Create a new subsite, template options, open subsite, create link to subsite
2. Subsites: Permissions, add users
3. Subsites: About permission inheritance
4. Document Workspace: Create new from scratch
5. Document Workspace: Create new from document, add users from site settings, add users in Members web part
6. Cross-Site Groups: Add users
7. Meeting Workspace: Create new, what it is and what it isn’t, template options, modify this workspace
8. Meeting Workspace: Create new from event, template options, manipulate pages, add web part, delete a page
9. Meeting Workspace: About home page, about web parts in meeting workspace, add attendees as well as users, Objective and Agenda

Lesson Six
1. Custom Lists and Columns (fields)
2. Custom Views, Filters, and Totals
3. Custom View Styles, Delete views