Now, I’m not sure if this is the absolute best way to handle this, but so far it has worked great for me and others that I have set this up for. If anyone has a better idea, I am all ears.

I create video tutorials using a program called Camtasia Studio. Then I produce them in a format best suited for viewing via the web. I didn’t want just anyone to have access to these videos, only people that I gave permission to. So, what I did was create a Web Part Page and added links to each section of video tutorials into a Content Editor Web Part. I’ve included a document with a screen shot with this posting (hope that works) so you can see what it looks like. I had to upload all the video files to my SharePoint site (which is a hosted site btw) using FrontPage 2003. Once you get going with the process it’s really easy to do. Based on how Camtasia Studio produces the videos for web viewing by creating several files, to include a flash file, and an html file that pulls from the flash file. You set the hyperlink in the CEWP to point to the html file, and voila! Anyway, this keeps users from downloading the video tutorials and they can only be displayed when they have access to the SharePoint site.


What is SharePoint?

September 28, 2006

Hello everyone. I have put together a demo Sharepoint site and created a business model that includes Contact Management, Project Management, Sales Management, Employee Management, and Company Management. I based it on the Office Live sample data you get when you sign up for an Office Live account. Office Live is based on SharePoint technology and I thought they did a great job of putting things together for users. Once I had the Sharepoint site built I created some demo videos for people to see the business model and what is possible with Sharepoint Services.

This business model doesn’t use programming or anything else a regular user cannot build for themselves. Customizing the forms and views is what drives it. If you want to see an example of what Sharepoint can do for a business without the need for high cost development, check out my videos. There are three of them and each one is a succession of the other, so you’ll want to go in order. Each video is 10 to 16 minutes in length. I use Camtasia studio to create my videos and produce them in a FLASH format for web viewing.

If you get a chance, please let me know what you think about them.

Video 1:
Video 2:

Video 3:

This is a continuation of : Trumba Calendar in a SharePoint site = Event registration functionality within SharePoint environment

I’ve had more time to explore how this is going to work for us, and the subject came up as to how we might be able to tie the event payment process in with the Trumba event calendar and our SharePoint site. Trumba doesn’t offer the ability to take payments from people who sign up for your events. I mean, why would they? I wouldn’t expect them to.

  • In the spirit of keeping it simple, here’s what we did to work around the whole payment thing…we created customized paypal buttons for each event using the paypal button wizard on paypals website. We put those buttons next to each event description on our website and bookmarked them. We put the url (including the bookmark) into the Ticket Web Link field on the trumba form (we use the Education template) for the corresponding event item. This process seems to work like a charm.**************
    The user clicks on an event item in the calendar that is displayed on our SharePoint site,
  • they click RSVP to sign up for the event,
  • they click the link in the Ticket Web Link field which opens a new window and takes them directly to a PayPal button on our website,
  • when they click the PayPal button it has all the information for the event already there (name of event, cost of event, etc. ),
  • they finish the PayPal process,
  • they close the window and they are still on our Trumba calendar item.
  • They get a reciept for thier payment from PayPal,
  • they can put the event item on thier calendar,
  • we get notification of registration from Trumba and of payment from PayPal.

We are very happy with how this works!

For this kind of functionality in a free service, I don’t know how it could get any easier. Plus it has the added bonus of bringing visitors to our website.

I hope some of this helps those looking for a simple event registration system with a round-about way to incorporate event payments.

Andrea Kalli

When most small companies read about SharePoint Services and all it can do for them, they may be wondering how they can afford such a great tool. After all, small companies (even ones with a single person) need to collaborate with team members, partners, customers, etc. just as much as larger companies do. Usually, they don’t have the kind of infrastructure in-house that’s needed. They may not even have a server, depending on the size of the company. That’s where SharePoint hosting companies come in. For an incredibly affordable $20 a month ( a typical price, but you’ll need to shop around ), the small company and solo entrepreneur can get a SharePoint Services site with unlimited users, unlimited sub-sites, and 1GB of space. These specs and prices will vary between the different hosting companies, so again…shop around. In a nutshell, a hosted SharePoint Services site is a rented SharePoint space on someone else’s server. Your data will be there and not in-house. If you are OK with that, then it’s a great solution for the majority of folks out there needing this type of functionality. Many hosting companies offer several package options. There are limitations administratively. For example, you will not be able to install 99% of the web parts out there, free or otherwise, as the majority of web part installation usually requires installation on the server…and it’s standard that you will not have permission to do this. The hosting company that I use has already installed over 60 custom web parts for us to play with and use. They have also already installed a ton of custom templates to utilize. If you have a problem, you’ll submit a help ticket, so you will want to make sure that whatever hosting company you select has a nice support system in place for their users. I found a nice list of SharePoint hosting companies listed at Look at FAQ 03 for the list. It’s not all encompassing, but it’s a great start. You might want to google “sharepoint hosting” to find more.

Just because you’re small, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the type of functionality that SharePoint Services can offer. The resources are out there…just waiting for you.

Andrea Kalli

Even though this article is geared mostly for those using a hosted SharePoint site, it will apply to those that have opened up their SharePoint site with the ability to add outside users.

So, you’re using your SharePoint to help organize and share internal business information and processes with your co-workers or team members…great! Maybe you’ve even created subsites for you to collaborate with each customer…fantastic! By now, you might be feeling pretty comfortable with how to use SharePoint. This may be a good time to start thinking of other uses…fun uses…non-business uses for SharePoint subsites. Remember fun? Remember personal lives? What can a SharePoint site offer?

You can start by putting together a list of any groups you might be involved in.

Sports team


Your family (yes, family)





Training team

The list can go on. Why would a SharePoint site be helpful with any of these? Two reasons…password protected and user-interactive. Keeping these two points in mind, let’s get into a few of the groups and explore just some of what we can do.

Sports team:

  • create a team roster – customize the form and add your own fields
  • create a list of important contacts
  • create a calendar for the playing schedule, and maybe include when the fund raising events will be held
  • create a discussion thread about changes to the uniforms
  • create a discussion thread about what fund raising events you will run for the year
  • create a task list to assign duties for each event
  • create an issues list to discuss various problems that need to be resolved
  • create a photo library and post pictures of highlights during the season
  • create a photo library with pictures of each team member in their uniform
  • create a photo library with pictures of everyone having fun during the fund raising events

Your family:

  • Create various photo albums for: weddings, birthday parties, baby pictures, family reunions, old family pictures, vacations
  • Create a family address book where everyone can update their own contact record as their information changes
  • Create separate document libraries to store: genealogy files, favorite recipes, marriage certificates, birth certificates, military records, personal accomplishment awards or certifications, personally written items such as poems, stories, jokes, etc.
  • Make digital voice recordings of the most elderly people in your family journaling their life and what it was like during the time period they grew up in. Upload these digital files in their own document library. Your family has history…capture it!
  • Create a calendar for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Have a Special Announcements list so people can post their special announcement…such as: having a baby, getting married, and finishing their college degrees and certifications. Anything of importance to them is encouraged to share.
  • Create custom lists for each of the following: Your Hobbies, Your Favorite Movies, Your Favorite Websites, Vacation Journals or Stories
  • Create a discussion threads for: retirement ideas, next family reunion
  • Use the Links list to enter the various websites any family member has

Book Club:

  • Create a calendar to show when the next meeting will be and at what location
  • Create a contact list / address book with all pertinent information to the group
  • Create a Favorite Books custom list for people to list and describe what they loved about each one.
  • Create a Favorite Places to Read and/or to Buy Books custom list.
  • Create a calendar where people can post the various book signings in locations close to them.
  • Create a discussion thread on the potluck food list for each meeting. Who will be bringing what
  • Create a discussion thread for a Book of the Month so everyone can add their own comments about it

So as you can see, SharePoint can accommodate your need to share and organize information with all the different types of groups you interact with. Give it a try…I’ll bet you can come up with several of your own ideas.

Andrea Kalli

Virtual Trainer and Assistant, LLC

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