Podcasting workshops available through the University of Virtual Assistants, starting in January 2007  

To be presented by Podcasting Expert Penny Haynes of 1st Podcast Publishing. These podcasting workshops are available for all interested parties, not only virtual assistants. For more information contact Cheryl at cheryl@uofvas.com

The NEW Podcasting Handbook for Busy EntrepreneursTuesdays beginning January 9, 16, 23, 30, February 6, 13, PLUS Individual Bonus Sessions on February 20; 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. MST (1 – 2:30 pm EST)The NEW Podcasting Handbook for Busy Entrepreneurs – 9+ Hour Course: 
How To Add Podcast Production, Podcast Marketing and Podcast Administration to Your Arsenal of Virtual Services.
Virtual Assistants are only as valuable as their arsenal of skills.  Offer something other Virtual Assistants do not, and you increase your clientele reach exponentially. How valuable would your services be if you could:·         Place entrepreneurs in front of millions of pre-qualified clients in their target market?·         Increase their search engine ranking and internet visibility at very little expense?  Take this course, and you will be able to offer these powerful marketing services to any of your clients!FACTS:

  • There are 60+ million iPod and MP3 players as of 2006.
  • That number will DOUBLE to 132 million by 2009.
  • 70%+ of 2007 model vehicles will be compatible with iPods.
  • Podcasts will soon be deliverable to cell phones, and
  • almost 1 BILLION cell phones will be sold in 2006.
  • 75% of THESE Portable Player Owners will download Podcasts.
  • Who will these people be listening to?  Your Client?  Or his COMPETITION?

The Podcasting Handbook 7 Week (9+ hour) Course will not only teach you how to Podcast for your own business, but will give you all of the tools necessary to offer Podcasting services to every client.  Most Coaches and Speakers love to talk, but don’t want to spend their very valuable time editing audios to make them sound professional.  That’s where YOU come in.  You will learn (and with practice, be able to teach interested clients) ·        How to record audio, ·        How to edit audio, ·        How to mix music with vocals (great for Coaches who want to offer affirmation and meditation CDs), ·        How to add ID3 Tags (important keyword feature)·        How to upload the file to a webhost, ·        How to create an RSS feed·        How to create the Podcast/Blog post (in a way to increase a business’ search engine ranking)·        What peripheral administrative functions you can perform to assist existing and potential Podcasters, from internet research to website statistics to listing podcasts in online directories.Best of all, you will be able to introduce clients to a very inexpensive but extremely efficient way of gaining search engine ranking and internet visibility WITHOUT having to spend money on advertising!You will receive – ·         The Podcasting Handbook Multi-Media Ebook (Course Outline), including screen print tutorials, audio and video recordings, Checklists and Homework assignments·         A Free Recording and Editing Program for PCs (a free program for Mac users is available)·         A Free Mixing Program for PCs·         Six (6) weeks of 90-minute group training sessions·         Assistance with weekly assignments via online private Forum.·         Bonus Seventh week includes one-on-one ½ hour sessions for personalized business and marketing planning.·         All public sessions are recorded and made accessible for download after each class.·         Private sessions are also recorded and sent to the individual Student for later review.·         Access to a Continuing Education Forum for all class alumni.  This provides Students access to the teacher beyond the class term for any technical podcasting assistance.This course will provide you with a second virtual business that serves clientele in every type of career.Length: 90 minutes per class beginning at 11 a.m. MST.  Last week of class is reserved for one-on-one coaching throughout the day (or week, depending on the number of students).
Cost: $600.00 per participant
Limit of 10 participants
(minimum of 3)

Smooth Speaking: Eliminating Ums, Ahs, Likes, etc. from Your Speech.  Wednesdays beginning January 10, 17, 24; 10 a.m. MST (12pm EST) Smooth Speaking teaches you how to take control over your speech to eliminate extraneous and distracting verbal habits. Most people have no idea what they sound like in everyday conversation, much less in business meetings and seminar presentations. They’re speech is filled with meaningless words, broken sentences, stuttering and repeating. Particularly in the virtual business realm, when people first meet you, they rate your professionalism not only by your resume, but predominantly according to your speech.  Clear, precise communication can make or break your business.  I guarantee that by the end of the 3rd class, you will no longer be controlled (or limited) by your speech.  Instead, your speech will be one of your greatest selling points. ***BONUS: Students who have completed the course and proven proficiency in their own speech will be eligible to offer private Smooth Speaking seminars, utilizing this curriculum, for your private clients.You will receive – ·         Three (3) 60 minute sessions:o        Session #1:  Introduction to Smooth Speaking:  What’s YOUR Challenge?o        Session #2:  Learn The Secrets of Smooth Speaking: Working One on Oneo        Session #3:  Practicing Impromptu Speaking: The Proof is in the Pudding·         Recordings of every class to be available for review and evaluation·         Eligible Students will receive a License and Curriculum to offer the Smooth Speaking Seminar to your own clients.Length: 60 minutes per class beginning at 10 a.m. MST. 
Cost: $200.00 per participant
Limit of 10 participants
(minimum of 3)

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