About Our Company

July 3, 2006

Andrea Kalli Virtual Trainer and Assistant, LLC provides remote, interactive, online Outlook 2003 training for small groups and for one-on-one sessions, as well as online Support services for all versions of Outlook for the PC, all at the comfort of your own desk.

You + Us + Web conferencing = A Great Hands-on Training Experience!

"Our primary goal is to show businesses how they can better utilize the technology they most likely already have in place, and greatly increase their return on investment (ROI)." – Andrea

She offers training for both types of Outlook users: those that work with Outlook in a stand-alone environment and those that work with Outlook in an Exchange Server environment.

Andrea Kalli has been working with Outlook and Exchange Server since Outlook 97. Her sessions focus on training users to get the most out of Outlook in the business world.

NEW! Now offering Windows SharePoint Services 2003 User Training workshops. These multi-day classes range from the very beginner to the power user… from the everyday user to the administrator or manager. We have both structured workshops and freestyle training/brainstorming session available. 

In a nutshell, here’s what we do

Training is prepared in focused 60 – 90 minute group or personal sessions, allowing users time to digest the material and put the new information to test in their real-world environment before moving onto another training session. Also available are individual one-on-one training sessions if you prefer to take the training at a pace that’s right for you.

The tremendous flexibility of remote training accommodates unforeseen student situations such as: child ill, car in the shop, extended out-of-town trips, hazardous road conditions, or unable to get to the office. If the student has access to a phone, computer with internet access, and can download the web conferencing component, they can still participate in the training or support session.

We provide scheduled Microsoft Outlook 2003 group training classes for up to 10 people – both pre-scheduled and flexible schedules available, private one-on-one training classes with flexible scheduling, customized training, and Outlook custom contact form development for the small business in a stand-alone environment.

SharePoint Services is the latest technology from Microsoft for communication and collaboration with your team, your partners, your customers. We offer user training workshops from beginner to advanced…from the everyday user to the Administrator and Manager, and for the Power User. Company-wide assistance: We can even offer Outlook usability support for just you, or for all of your employees. It’s like having an in-house Outlook expert!

Do you want your employees to learn how to use the powerful collaboration features of Outlook with Exchange Server? Still prefer onsite training? Are you in the Denver metro area of Colorado and in need of onsite Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003/Exchange Server training for your company? What about training for your SharePoint Services users? We have very reasonable rates.