Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Services

Andrea Kalli ( ) offers a variety of business services for the online business entrepreneur, including:  Internet and Social Marketing Strategist/Coach/Assistant, and editing for Podcasts/Audio/Video/Teleconferences/Audio Books.  Her primary area of focus is to work with businesses to achieve greater online presence in building their business and brand, and to assist and guide them as they wade through these unfamiliar waters.

What Andrea Does to Help Manage Your Online Business

Building your business, whether it’s online or a storefront, is something of great pride to the entrepreneur. I know exactly what that means. However, it’s a lot to handle on your own. There’s so much to do. Much of it takes away from the very thing that you went into business for in the first place. What you need is more than just someone who you can hand tasks and projects off to. What you truly need is someone you can also run ideas by, brainstorm with, and partner with to help you build your business to the level you’ve always dreamed of.  Someone with a heartfelt interest in your success.

If that’s the kind of relationship you would like to have with your assistant, then let’s talk!

  • Internet Marketing Assistant, Coach, and Strategist:
    • Internet and Social Media Marketing Strategy and Action Planning (road map)
    • Keyword and Competition Research
    • Website Analytics
    • SEO (search engine optimization for higher Google rankings)
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Backlink Strategies
    • Blogging / Podcasting / Social Networking
    • EMail Marketing (list building using Aweber, Constant Contact, etc)
    • Affiliate Marketing VA

“No Surprises” Social Marketing Packages. Know what you get and how much it will cost.

  • WordPress Blog
    • install and configuration,
    • customization,
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • theme installation (experienced with iThemes, Thesis, and StudioPress themes)
  • 3D E-Cover Images and Graphics for your digital products
    • EBooks,
    • Audio and Video products,
    • Podcast Cover Art, etc

There IS light at the end of the tunnel

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Let’s have a conversation. I truly look forward to helping you!

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Contact me to see if I have the availability you need. In order for me to keep the level of service at a high quality, space for me to take on new clients can be limited. As much as I would love to partner with everyone that contacts me, I am just unable to do so. Much of my work is project-based. As projects get completed, openings in my schedule fluctuate greatly throughout the year.

Andrea Kalli
Certified Internet and Social Marketing VA

“No Surprises”
Social Marketing Packages
– Know What You Get and How Much It Will Cost


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