Continuing topic: Trumba Calendar in SharePoint site = Event Registration in a SharePoint environment

September 28, 2006

This is a continuation of : Trumba Calendar in a SharePoint site = Event registration functionality within SharePoint environment

I’ve had more time to explore how this is going to work for us, and the subject came up as to how we might be able to tie the event payment process in with the Trumba event calendar and our SharePoint site. Trumba doesn’t offer the ability to take payments from people who sign up for your events. I mean, why would they? I wouldn’t expect them to.

  • In the spirit of keeping it simple, here’s what we did to work around the whole payment thing…we created customized paypal buttons for each event using the paypal button wizard on paypals website. We put those buttons next to each event description on our website and bookmarked them. We put the url (including the bookmark) into the Ticket Web Link field on the trumba form (we use the Education template) for the corresponding event item. This process seems to work like a charm.**************
    The user clicks on an event item in the calendar that is displayed on our SharePoint site,
  • they click RSVP to sign up for the event,
  • they click the link in the Ticket Web Link field which opens a new window and takes them directly to a PayPal button on our website,
  • when they click the PayPal button it has all the information for the event already there (name of event, cost of event, etc. ),
  • they finish the PayPal process,
  • they close the window and they are still on our Trumba calendar item.
  • They get a reciept for thier payment from PayPal,
  • they can put the event item on thier calendar,
  • we get notification of registration from Trumba and of payment from PayPal.

We are very happy with how this works!

For this kind of functionality in a free service, I don’t know how it could get any easier. Plus it has the added bonus of bringing visitors to our website.

I hope some of this helps those looking for a simple event registration system with a round-about way to incorporate event payments.

Andrea Kalli


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